Discover Swaziland

This is a full day excursion (5.30 – 21.00) taking in several Swazi highlights. Our first stop is in Namaacha, a Mozambican village straddling the border where we see the local water falls and church. Spend some wonderful hours in the Royal National Park, visit the King Sobhuza II Memorial Park, browse for typical handicraft at the Swazi candle factory and Malandela handicraft center. Lunch is available at Malandela in a pleasant garden with lovely views of the valley and sugar cane plantations. End your Swazi day tour at Matenga Cultural Village and visit the adjacent beautiful water falls. After a full day return to Catembe/Maputo.

Prices inclusive of entrance to the Cultural Village, Royal National Park and lunch (w/o drinks)

Contact reception for actualized prices and advance bookings essential